Neurological Consultation

At Crescent City Headache and Neurology Center, our mission to deliver excellent, patient-centered care begins with a thorough initial visit where Dr. Redillas reviews your past medical history, examines your current health state, and addresses any concerns you may have about your medical diagnoses.

Focused Follow-Up Visits

Proceeding the consultation, follow-up visits are tailored based on the patient's specific diagnosis as well as the severity of the condition and the decided method of treatment. Our staff aims to meet your scheduling needs between visits to ensure quality and continuity of care.

Personalized Treatment

Patients of Crescent City Headache and Neurology Center have access to the latest, innovative treatments on the healthcare market. Additionally, our patients benefit from alternative therapy options that are offered on-site through our clinical research department.


Migraine Treatments

As a specialist in headache medicine, Dr. Redillas offers a variety of treatment options to patients who suffer from migraines including, but not limited to:

  • Botox administration
  • Anti-migraine injectable medications
  • Nerve blocks

To learn more about these and other specialized migraine treatment plans offered at CCHNC, please contact our office.


Clinical Research Studies

Meeting our patient's treatment goals while delivering a high standard of care is of highest priority to the staff at CCHNC.

By participating in the advancement of medicine through our clinical research department, patients have access to cutting-edge treatment options that would otherwise not be available.

Click here to learn more about our current studies and their eligibility requirements to see if you qualify.




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